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"Set against the backdrop of the 1960s through the 1990s, the tittle of Steven's memoir becomes clear, as he throughly recounts the years spent traveling and discovering not only the world, but himself. Hi is not a life of the financially wealthy doctor, but one that is enriched by worldliness and a maturation from the despair of this early life. Awakened by this travels and privileged with a profession in emergency medicne, his account imparts a certain cathartic effect onto the reader. We are not just invited to share in Steven's story, but rather we are called on to reflect deeply on what is trully means to survive and find purpose in this complex world."


Occasionaly in a memoir, the personal story is so intensef and overwhelmingly difficult to believe, it make the narrative a challenge to our sense of credibility to assimilate. Dr. Steven Bentley autobiographical memoir Poor No More, An American Dream is one such book; a definitive "Truth is stranger than fiction" accounting of the challenges he faced to achieve his goals. In it he tells of the many obstalces he needed to overcome from his really horrible childhood, but in doing so, his journey is inspirational to others as he became a successful and productive person; and emergency room doctor. This book does a happy ending. "If you want something in life you have to work for it. I did. Life is hard! That is just the way it is," says Bently . This story exemplifies these words. If you struggling and looking for an encouraging read, Poor No More, An American Dream is just the stimulus you need."


"Bentley relates his interesting story to an equal interesting manner, and he always bounced back, not necessarily with a smile, but with determination. Readers are left with important lesson: While situations may shape us, they don't have to define us."


"Steven Bentley's candid memoir of overcoming hardship, Poor No More: An American Dream, Demonstrates with an upbeat tone that tough beginnings don't necesssarily translate into hopeless futures."